Teaching Virtue Through Stories

Cielo Topper
Parishioner at Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church

Cielo Topper has had the desire to teach and be with others since she was a child in Monterrey, Mexico. She responded to the call with humility and began telling simple children’s stories to help kids in her community learn valuable life lessons.

A McDonald’s, a Homeless Man and a Hug

Greg Hall
Business Owner, Deacon at Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church

While in formation for the Permanent Diaconate, Greg Hall had an incredibly unexpected experience while in a drive through at a McDonald’s restaurant in Chile. At the age of 46, Greg’s subtle kindness and awareness of serving a homeless man requesting to get something to eat allowed him to have an encounter of a lifetime – one that still brings him to tears.

Finding Hope in Loneliness

Nicole Driscoll
Campus Minister at Rice University

Nicole Driscoll tells the story of how she found hope in spite of the loneliness she felt in her single life. Encounters with Christ in her loneliness led her to a deeper understanding of God’s mystery, creativity and providence.

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